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Thursday, December 04, 2003

A lesson for pushy parents... 

Asia Carrera is a porn star (Boo! Hiss! I hear you cry) and she is a very intelligent one. As her bio shows though, pushy parents weren't good for her:

OK, we all know I was an academically gifted little girl. What I don't publicize, is that I was not an especially motivated one. I was an overachiever only through a)genetic luck, and b)incredible pressure from my parents. My parents wanted me to go to Harvard and be a doctor or a lawyer, and I wanted to play piano and hang out with friends.


I was grounded for every "B" I got, and beaten for getting anything lower than that. I was not allowed to socialize at all, or go to parties, because they said there'd be time for that after I got into a good college.

Eventually she broke out and went her own merry (and sometimes not so merry) way. But she seems to have learned one lesson that her parents and so many others never manage:

I'm not mad at my parents. I know they just wanted me to be the best I could be, but they pushed too hard, that's all. Being successful is great, and it's a goal I strive for, but never at the expense of happiness. I think happiness should come first, and then success!

So stop pushing parents, let your kids enjoy life!

Obviously in the cause of research I had to look and see, and I can confirm that in all the pictures on the site Ms Carerra does indeed look very happy!

Thanks to Alice for the link.
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