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Monday, October 06, 2003

Why custody? 

A father who kidnapped' his own daughter has been remanded in custody prior to trial.

Former pilot Simon Clayton, 41, disappeared with four-year-old Estelle, known as Esti, from his home in April this year.

The Hay-on-Wye bookseller was days away from a custody showdown with his former wife Aneta, 29, who lives in nearby Brecon.

The guy did something stupid. However, having been in a similar position myself on few occasions I can understand his actions somewhat. The judicial system is so weighted in favour of mothers when it comes to custody cases that no man can genuinely expect to win custody.

He prevented access to his daughter by his wife which was wrong but does this really mean that he should spend 2 months in jail in Portugal before facing even more incarceration in the UK.

I know, he must be locked up, after all he is a danger to society. He is a father who loves his daughter and couldn't bear to be parted from her....Shame on him!
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