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Tuesday, September 23, 2003


I have just added a link to this site, at the very polite request of it's owner. Today's blog has comments regarding "appropriate play":

Getting ready to launch into a discussion about why "killing" play is unacceptable I got thrown a curve that I was completely surprised by (I was expecting another fast ball) but in the bible people kill one another. I know this is not an unusual connection for children to make (but I was surprised by my four year old) and I was in some ways prepared for it. I talked a bit about sin and how that can lead to people making poor choices that go against God's will. Then she threw a knuckleball that just took me off guard. Well what about David? Was he wrong? Didn't God help him kill Goliath? Was he going against God's will. I just thought to myself "Why do I find myself answering this question for a four year old? How did she learn to make those connections and realize the inconsistencies so quickly. The next thought was "I am in TROUBLE when she is a teenager" and the last thought was "HELP". So I called in Serona and we dealt with the issue together. I'm not sure she was satisfied with the answer or completely understood it but I think we were able to explain to her some of the concepts of sin, free will, fantasy and reality, acceptable and unacceptable play, and how play can still hurt people's feelings.

Now a personal opinion here. (What, you HEHD) This is all a load of absolute tosh. The idea that my boys are likely to be more violent because I let them play with guns and swords is ridiculous. The notion that because they 'kill' each other and friends regularly means they are more likely to disrespect people in real life is absolute drivel.

Tenn, the reason you struggled with your four year old in this discussion is because they realise something that you don't; Sometimes there is only one final option when faced with evil, kill it.

David killed Goliath because he had too, just as the good guys kill the bad guys in Star Wars etc. Perhaps one day a big bad guy is going to be threatening you, your kids or your friends and you better wish that your youngest fully understands that they are going to have to defend themselves and their loved ones because that bad guy sure aint going to be listening to a reasoned argument, religious or otherwise.

The gun, the sword, the kitchen knife, the hammer or whatever is the weapon of choice is not, in itself evil. The evil is within the person utilising that tool to attack for evil means. Just as the goodness lies within the person who uses it to defend themselves or their loved ones from that attack.

Ooooh, get me!
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