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Monday, September 22, 2003

Mrs. du Toit - Finding Mark Twain Series 

Yesterday I put a link to this essay on the Education Otherwise mailing list. It is a great story of one family's journey from mainstream education through 'home schooling' and on to unschooling / autonomous education. It is both touching and inspiring to anyone who has any interest in home education.

I received my next digest version of the mailing list this morning expecting to see lots of comments from people who followed the link and read the essay. I love reading comments and opinions from other home edders just to help me with my 'bearings' as we are still relatively new to this.


Now, I don't know how many people visited the site and just didn't comment but I am nevertheless gobsmacked. Most new home educators are filled with doubts when they start and this essay puts out just the kind of reassuring message necessary in a world where ignorance and skepticism about HE is rife.

It must just be me but I find the fact that nobody on a well populated HE mailing list thought the essay worth the slightest comment very disconcerting.
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