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Thursday, September 18, 2003

Joy of Home Education. 

Today we went for a museum trip. As this is term time there were lots of schoolchildren there. It was such a shame to see how a great learning opportunity was taken away from them by officious teachers, the need to stand in orderly queues and the lack of a sense of fun.

I guarantee that my kids learned at least double that of any of the uniformed prisoners and they did it whilst wandering around by themselves, talking to the curators, having a laugh and not concerning themselves with the thought that they were going to have to write all about it when they got back to school. Indeed, they showed such interest in some exhibits that they were allowed to go into areas that had been previously locked to the organised groups.

If they found something of interest they stayed as long as they wanted and did not get shunted around to the next item like Japanese tourists in Buckingham Palace.

When we left they had smiles on their faces and chatted animatedly about the things they had learned, unlike the poor children being herded to buses with expressions of complete and utter detachment and boredom etched upon their faces.

Oh, and they got really dirty too!
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