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Thursday, September 18, 2003

I am a bad parent... 

..but I am not the only one:

Tammy's Homeschooling Blog: "Ack! But we don't wear school uniforms or have strict standards for clothing. We wear whatever. I've got a t-shirt and shorts on. My daughter is wearing lounge pants, a t-shirt, with a bulky sweater over that. My son is wearing denim shorts, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt. None of us have shoes on. We are not fashion plates. We don't get dressed up to learn. We've found we learn best when we're comfortable.
It's difficult for me to understand why the schools feel the need to teach (dictate to) the parents how their children should dress. It's sort of like the schools are the parents.

And while A&F isn't where we buy our clothes, they far surpass anything Wet Seal has to offer when it comes to quality (materials, workmanship, etc.). "

We went to the park this afternoon, my boys were in shorts and t-shirts. The local schoolkids came out in there WINTER uniforms. It was 26 degrees (80 degrees to you heathens across the pond!)

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