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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

The dark side of school life 

Right listen up you lot. This is what you confront your children with when they go to school. It is not an isolated case as it goes on to varying degrees in every school across the country. The bully may be another pupil, a teacher or just a member of staff but if your child has any 'difference' or refuses to 'fit in' you can be sure that they will come across a bully at some stage. Knowing that this is going to happen to them, if you continue to force them to go to school then you are part of the problem...You are the bully.

Take responsibility- Take your child out of school!

"For many children, the playground offers not fun but the misery of bullying. Christine Doyle talks to one victim and asks if the problem is getting worse"

A GIRL of 15 hanged herself after being tormented by bullies at a private school.

Police sorry - bullied boy's wait

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